Wired or wireless charging – which one would be the best option for you?

Wired or wireless charging – which one would be the best option for you?

Even if you are quite far from the world of modern technologies, you are sure to have heard about the wireless craze. Indeed, increasingly more people opt for wireless technologies, considering them more convenient and stylish.

That is one reason that today you can find quite a lot of smartphones that come with wireless charging compatibility, besides having a regular charger.

What does it mean? Actually, this implies that you can easily place your device on a charging pad and see its battery filling up without connecting it to the charger with any wires.  Seems very easy. This new technology is desirable to many smartphone users indeed.

Nonetheless, there are still a lot of debates, concerns, and questions about it. The most frequently raised on one is whether wireless chargers are superior in quality compared to your old and tried USB cable. In this blog, we will try to clarify the advantages and disadvantages each type of charging has.

It is quite easy to guess that wired charging cannot be as “flashy” as a wireless one. However, it still has its good features. First and foremost, you do not have to look for smartphone models that could support the wireless charging technology – you already know that your phone surely supports any cable of its type.

The second good reason to use wired chargers is that it is much easier for you to pack a wired charger as it is much more portable and considerably lighter if you travel rather often. If the speed of charging matters a lot for you, wired charging is faster.

Last but not least, it is cheaper, if your budget is not huge and you want to save some money on it.

So, what about the features of wireless chargers? Many potential users question themselves whether they have to bother about it or if it is just a fashionable thing that is not worth the money paid for it. Well, it must be admitted that using wireless chargers is very convenient indeed. You do not have to attach any cables to your phone.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about charging ports that the wire can damage. No matter how expensive your USB cables are, they are still rather easy to break, and you often have to spend quite a lot of money on replacing them.

If you are also among those who care about the style and looks, wireless dock stations look really cool. Finally, you do not have to look for plug sockets to charge your device and can do it at any place you want.

Regardless of all the enumerated benefits and downsides, there is no ideal solution that will suit everyone. You should ask yourself which characteristics matter more for you: convenience and looks or speed and reliability.

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